Thursday, December 6, 2012

Royal Phone Hoax Victimizes The Duchess of Cambridge

Did a couple of Australian DJs managed to victimize the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton during her hospital say via a “Royal Phone Hoax” prank call?

By: Ringo Bones

Even though tenured historians are very much reluctant to admit it but so called “prank calls”, or “hoax callers”, had probably been around since everyone started using Alexander Graham Bell’s then newly-invented telephone. And believe-it-or-not, the latest victim of this “phone shenanigan” is no less the currently most beloved British monarch – as in HRH the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

During her “routine” hospital check up in the King Edward VII Hospital after a bout of morning sickness due to her pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge’s “confidential” medical results were inadvertently leaked by an inexperienced hospital staff who fell victim to a “Royal Phone Hoax” back in Wednesday, December 5, 2012, by someone impersonating to be HRH Queen Elizabeth II no less. The so-called hoaxers were later identified to be DJs from an Australian FM station named Mel and Michael of 2Day FM.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a “royal uproar” given that British laws consider unlawfully snooping on someone’s confidential medical results is considered an invasion of someone’s privacy under existing laws and statutes in the UK. If the House of Winsor ever decides to press charges and pursue the two Australian crank callers to the fullest extent of the law, Mel and Kim of 2Day FM could probably spend some serious jail-time. Although a few years ago, former Republican 2008 U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was victimized by French phone hoaxers, who are also DJs of a French FM station, claiming to be the then French president Nicolas Sarkozy.